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Chicken Pox Pictures
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Chicken Pox Is this chicken pox?
Chickenpox I dont know if you can see it, but she has chickenpox all over her face. When my daughter got chickenpox, i didnt know until i looked at the pictures on this website.


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None of your buisness says:    

I like Justin bieber i wonder how'd he'd look if he had chicken Pox!!!!

Mr awesomeness says:    

Hello with the awesomeness pudding and my book is not a phone book.

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sandhya says:

I am 13 years old i have black spots in my face please how to clear that in 10 days

alyssa cook says:

I am so sad that happened to you guys

Lavinia says:

Hi I'm 26 my son is going to kindy and is going around I haven't had it as a child that I know of and I'm start in to get spots like little red itcy spots.its been a few days and it hasn't gone away think I'm starting to get it.

rona jane petilla says:

my baby has a chicken pox.. wat shud i do??

Lisa says:


Sphelele says:

It hard to cope with it.

Bank store money says:

Hi its me Sally I like to the Park is queens parkfor trip for sally see you later sally.

malleswari says:

sir...5 years back i got chicken pox. Black spots are removed but the scars are not left on my face i feel very dippressive because these chicken pox scars is there any treatment for scar removal??

Cassie says:

max blows a fart

LUCY says:


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